SuriCon 2015 | Barcelona

Our First Annual Conference in Barcelona was a great success!

In November 2015, Suricata users from around the world came together for the first time in Barcelona, Spain. It was an incredible week of training, talks, networking, and community!

The conference far exceeded our expectations so we thought we would share some highlights, a few photos, and the presentation decks from our amazing speakers.


  • When planning began we hoped for 50 people to sign up — we ended up with over 100 Suricata fans in attendance!
  • Over 50 organizations were represented — a great testament to Suricata’s global reach.
  • Over the two-day conference, there were more than 10 talks with industry experts.
  • As a community, we mapped Suricata’s development roadmap for 2016.
  • 90% of the total cost of the conference was met: thanks to our sponsors and Suricata training attendees — we couldn’t have done it without you!
  • 70% of those surveyed said they are already planning on attending next year’s conference in Washington, DC.

Presentation Materials

Suricata — Wanted: Dead or Alive
Randy Caldejon, FireEye Enterprise Forensics Group and OISF Board Member

Making Sense of Data: How to Make the Most of Your Big (Threat) Data
Jaime Blasco, Alien Vault

Let’s Talk About SeLKS
Peter Manev, Stamus and OISF

Trains, Planes, and Automobiles: How to Reduce Cyber Risk
Leonard Jacobs, Netsecuris and OISF Board Member

Suricata: Mixing IPS/IdS Mode
Giuseppe Longo, Stamus and OISF

Software-Based Acceleration of Deep Packet Inspection on Intel Architecture
Geoff Langdale, Principal Engineer, Intel Corporation

Using Suricata Over PF_RInG for nIC-Independent Acceleration
Luca Deri, ntop

Suricata: Shielding Little Foxes from Badness: Lessons from 500 pcaps
Michal Purzynski, Mozilla

Orchestrating Suricata at Scale in the Cloud
Gene Stevens, ProtectWise

Thanks again to our incredible sponsors!
Intel Corporation
FireEye, Inc.
Google, sponsor of SuriCon
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STAMUS Networks
Accolade Technology Logo
P1 Security
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