SuriCon 2020 Virtual

SuriCon 2020 | Virtual

Sixth Annual SuriCon | Virtual

The unprecedented global health challenges of 2020 prompted us to adopt a cautious and safety-oriented decision, deferring SuriCon to the following year. This move was a testament to the unwavering dedication to the safety and well-being of the community. The anticipation for SuriCon2021 was met with an announcement of its planned return to the storied city of Boston, the dates of which were to be solidified, signifying a beacon of unity and resilience for the Suricata collective.

In the meantime, we focused on a dynamic strategy to uphold and fortify the connections within the Suricata community. Despite the deferral, detailed planning was undertaken to ensure a more substantial and impactful SuriCon in 2021.

With the shift to a virtual landscape, the Suricata Roadmap Community Brainstorm of 2020 successfully perpetuated critical discussions on the future trajectory of development, maintaining unwavering progress. Concurrently, we expanded our educational initiatives, augmenting the array of Suricata expertise with an array of complimentary webinars and in-depth virtual training sessions.

Our efforts throughout the year were buoyed by the steadfast support from every community member, forming the bedrock of our endeavors to achieve the year’s objectives. As we navigated the complexities of these extraordinary circumstances, it steadfastly encouraged open dialogue and collaboration. United by a collective commitment to our shared goals, the community emerged stronger with solidarity and determination.