Suricon trainings


20% Off Suricata Trainings at SuriCon!

All SuriCon attendees are eligible for 20% off one of the 2-day Suricata Trainings listed below. These sessions will take place during the two days before the conference and offer a wide variety of instruction and demonstrations taught by leaders in the field. It’s easy – register for SuriCon then email us at to get your discount code to register for the training of your choice.

A portion of the revenue is used to cover trainer costs and any additional expenses. All remaining proceeds go directly to supporting Suricata development and OISF’s operating costs. OISF is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that owns, manages, and supports Suricata.

If you have an idea for a training, let us know! Fill out the form here and we will contact you. Additional trainings will be announced in June.


Intrusion Analysis and Threat Hunting with Suricata

In today’s threat landscape, sophisticated adversaries have routinely demonstrated the ability to compromise enterprise networks and remain hidden for extended periods of time. In Intrusion Analysis and Threat Hunting with Open Source Tools, you will learn how to dig deep into network traffic to identify key evidence that a compromise has occurred, learn how to deal with new forms of attack, and develop the skills necessary to proactively search for evidence of new breaches. We will explore all phases of adversary tactics and techniques – from delivery mechanisms to post-infection traffic and data exfiltration to get hands-on analysis experience. Open-source tools such as Suricata, Moloch and Kibana will be utilized to generate data, perform exhaustive traffic analysis, and develop comprehensive threat hunting strategies. By the end of this course, you will have the knowledge and skills necessary to discover new threats in your network and build an effective threat hunting program.

Advanced Deployment and Configuration with Suricata

Network-based threat detection is crucial for developing a comprehensive security strategy, whether it is on-premise or in the cloud. In Advanced Deployment and Architecture for Network Traffic Analysis, you will learn how to maximize the visibility that Suricata can provide into your network. You will gain deep technical understanding and hands-on experience with Suricata’s versatile arsenal of features and capabilities for a variety of deployment, usage, and integration scenarios. Tuning and optimizing Suricata for threat/anomaly detection, file extraction, and/or protocol detection are critical for a successful deployment. You will also learn traditional and non-traditional tips, tricks, and techniques to implement Suricata and its newest features based on real-world deployment experiences, to include cloud-based deployments. This class also offers a unique opportunity to bring in-depth use cases, questions, and challenges directly to the Suricata team. By the end of this course, you will be able to successfully design, deploy, implement, optimize and hunt with your high-performance Suricata deployment.