SuriCon Online


Interested in Attending SuriCon VIRTUALLY?

Good news, you can!

Grateful is an understatement for the continued sponsor support that is helping us adjust SuriCon to meet the needs of our global attendees. As a largely virtual community, SuriCon is vital to building up the knowledge and relationships with each other that keep us thriving. Also, we want to see your smiling faces!

So, for this year only, SuriCon will be both in-person and virtual!

What does this mean?

All talks, discussions, and poster presentations will be held in-person AND in our virtual SuriCon space. Also, OISF team members will be there in-person and in real-time virtually if they cannot make the trip (think: Brady Bunch screen style).

So if coming to Boston, MA isn’t possible for you this year, join us virtually. We’ve set up a special ticket just for you — just select “Virtual Attendee” as your ticket type.

Other Important Things to Know:

  • All talks and discussions will take place in Eastern Daylight Time (EDT).
  • Suricata development roadmap brainstorming sessions will also be in-person and virtual.
  • Some of our speakers will also be virtual — their talks will be pre-recorded with a live Q&A following their talk.
  • After purchasing a ticket, you will receive an invitation link to join our SuriCon2021 Discord server in your Eventbrite confirmation email. Speakers, sponsors, all attendees, and OISF team members will be there throughout the conference to interact as a community just as we all would in-person together.
  • Both in-Person and virtual SuriCon tickets are now available via Eventbrite HERE.

A note from Kelley and the Team:  This is not our ideal SuriCon (by far!), we are missing all of you very much. However, we (the OISF board and team) feel strongly that if we can have even a portion of SuriCon in-person, it is worth bringing the community together — safely and mindfully.

Also, we trust our community members to do what is best for them and respect everyone’s decision in that regard. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out at